Snap-on Screwdriver-Phillips #2 17 inch

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Avoid driver camout and stripped screws! American made Phillips screwdrivers commonly do not meet the stringent Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS 4633B3/1991). Most are too large and/or too pointed to engage PROperly into Japanese Phillips screw heads. Poor tool to screw engagement can PROduce frequent driver camout and stripping of screw heads, resulting in lost PROductivity and increased parts costs. Katun PROvides Snap on screwdrivers that meet all Japanese Phillips specifications, and service technicians notice the difference. The fit is perfect every time, and Snap on vaporblasted screwdriver tips PROvide maximum grip within the screw slot. The Snap on Power Grip handle PROvides increased torque and reduces hand fatigue. Because the right tool is the tool best suited for the job, Katun offers Snap on screwdrivers for the perfect fit service technicians deserve Snap on Phillips Screwdrivers All handles are perfectly sized according to blade length, for maximum turning power without slipping or fatigue. Heat treated steel alloy blades with vapor blasted tips retain their edge and grip. Lifetime replacement warranty; made in the U.S.A. Phillips #2