Triplett 9007 Multimeter

UGS : 46997 Catégorie :


Count on the Triplett 9005 A Digital Multimeter for performance and durability. Each multimeter includes a PROtective red rubber boot, double insulated case, safety test leads with screw on alligator clips, and comes with a three year warranty. Economical and efficient. Large 2.5 cm high display. Measures AC voltage to 750 V, DC voltage to 1000 V. Measures AC & DC current to 10 A. Measures resistance to 200MO. Measures continuity, diode and transistor check 3 1/2 Digit, 1999 max. reading. Manual range selection. Data hold. Auto polarity. Overload PROtection. Low battery indication. Auto power off. Double insulated case. Safety designed to comply with IEC 1010 1. CAT I, II, and III rated. Overload PROtected.Includes: red rubber boot, safety test leads with screw on alligator clips & 9 volt battery.